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TWIN MUSIC is an artist production and publishing record label. Building on their respective experiences, ROBERTO CIURLEO and ERIC BRUNET announced their partnership on April 15th 2019.

ROBERTO was previously NRJ radio program director, VIRGIN RADIO’s managing director, and producer of the following musicals: ROBIN DES BOIS, LES 3 MOUSQUETAIRES, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER and BERNADETTE DE LOURDES.

ERIC has worked for 20 years at UNIVERSAL MUSIC in ULM, USM, AZ, CAPITOL, and MCA records labels where he was head of CASABLANCA/PM:AM FRANCE record label (Marketing, art director, record label promotion manager and international manager).

MARC has joined the two partners in spring 2020 in order to bring all his start-up creation and business consulting experience.




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Our artists

TWIN MUSIC supporting artists come from various backgrounds. French new wave: LEONIE – ELLE & LUI – KEO – LAUTNER – ALEXIS. Electro/pop music with Global-wide distribution: CELESTAL – ANGIE – WE ARE GOLD – NIEGGMAN – SCHWARZ – CHRIS LAWYER – SAPIENZA etc. Urban music will also be fleshing out the wide-ranging record label music catalog very soon.

Simultaneously, TWIN MUSIC gives meaning to its development by committing itself to support organizations such as LES AMIS DU BERCAIL (which offers safety and shelter for battered women and their children) with LAURE GIORDANO, EYMA & ANDY etc.

Finally, TWIN MUSIC is currently working with its partners on the production of the musical JE VAIS T’AIMER, a French version of Mamma Mia with Michel Sardou’ songs, expected in 2022 (the casting call is opened!).

From seeking new talents to exposing them on the international stage, TWIN MUSIC guides its artists in every milestones, bringing out the best in them on their way to success.
We Are Gold


Our team


Roberto Ciurleo

TWIN Music's elusive leader is always on the phone: Roberto is constantly focused on offering opportunities and opening up rather unique perspectives. His most surprising ideas support the record label and all his musicals projects.
From casting the best talents to looking for real partners, from the quality of the works to the detail of design plus many interactions with the media…nothing is disregarded!
We're just wondering when does Roberto sleep… "Let's be positive" as he likes to say!

Eric Brunet

The bosom buddies…Eric is always in a rush, juggling between emails and phone calls (his nickname is "the machine"), carrying out all the record label strategy, promotion, the artistic aspects etc. We're also wondering when he rests: information comes from all over the world, all year round without a break…
He always wants to push back time to give more attention to the artists so they have more chances to succeed. "It's bound to succeed" as he likes to say with his unwavering optimistic determination!

Marc Postel-Vinay

Marc is the third partner of Twin Music, since May 2020. Thanks to his solid training in classical and jazz music at the conservatoire (in piano-violin-saxophone) and his passion for contemporary music, Marc has a sharp ear and is always looking for precision and emotion balance.
After completing French drama school "Cours Florent" classes, continuing his medical studies (he still practices), and setting up a start-up, he is now involved in Twin Music development, both in the selection of new talents and in the record label structuring rise.
The only watchword: "Go, go, go!"

Cédric Lorrain

The Art Director of the label is also the electro pop artist CELESTAL signed to Twin Music. Cédric follows up all talents, conveys his creative strategies to them so their works thrive. He is constantly in motion, handling several jobs simultaneously. He was even a lawyer in Luxembourg! His ear is impeccable, but he always shows kindness to make artists feel confident in studio, so that they can give their best.
"I'm going to deal with it, we'll find a solution," as he often says!

Anne-Catherine Boll

Roberto's faithful adviser was his neighbor before he offered her to join Bernadette's musical and then Twin Music! The advisor, formerly of the Maison Cartier, has an artistic and aesthetic eye keen enough to identify all the small details and find a quick and effective response. She also has a developed sense of customer relations and an extremely well-planned organization talent, upon which the record label can rely. Anne-Catherine always stays focused even when the music is as loud as possible in the office!
"Everything is going to be fine" as she likes to say with her perpetual happiness!

Charlotte Le Gal

The Web is her hunting ground! Our geek, is also committed to her numerous tasks and is at our artists service. Charlotte bends over backwards to find solutions, create the best contents, the most relevant campaigns, etc.
She previously worked with Eric for 10 years; the reflexes are still here. Charlotte also keeps on collaborating with other record labels and famous artists.
"I'm doing it for you now or right now? " could say Charlotte as demands upon her never stop...